Options for Listening to Radio in San Francisco

Radio has been an integral part of the San Francisco community. From conservative channels, to the free spirited ones, from national to local college radio, and from old to the most recent stations on the block, there is something for everyone. Here is a list of the options that are available for the entertainment for the people of San Francisco, California. Those residence of San Francisco who have AT&T Packages can access Slacker Radio as part of their subscription.

KSFO is one of the oldest stations in the San Francisco area, and is primarily focused on talk shows. Broadcast at 560 kHz AM frequency, the channel was launched in 1925, and is owned by Cumulus Media. Until recently, the radio station was operated by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). It is popularly known as the Hot Talk 560 KSFO. The shows on the station mainly have a conservative political tone interspersed with lighter shows on home improvement, real estate and so on.


Branded as Family Radio 610, KEAR is a popular Christian radio channel in SF. Transmitted at 610 kHz, the KEAR is owned by Family Stations Inc. and runs the slogan – the sound of the new life. It covers talk shows and similar programs that are based on spirituality, and religion, among others.


This is the radio station for sports lovers and aptly goes by the motto – The Sports Leader. It is also owned by Cumulus Media and two stations use the radio’s brand, which is relayed at two AM frequencies of 680 kHz (KNBR) and 1050 kHz (KTCT). Both the channels broadcast a lot of game action from San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, to the San Francisco 49ers, and more. Both the stations play daily shows like Sports Phone 680, Hooked on Golf, and Sports Saloon, among others. You will also find a lot of CBS and NBC Sports programs during the weekday and weekend night slots. The regular programs are re-scheduled depending on the live games which take precedence, of course.


Owned by a subsidiary of the CBS Network, KCBS is a news station transmitted at 740 AM and 106.9FM. KCBS holds the distinction of being the oldest station in the San Francisco area. The weekdays start with news and discussion on sports. Then, there are updates from the world of technology, and the station hosts specialists from other fields as well on a regular basis. There is also the weather report and the news from the business world, traffic updates, and so on. The news of the day is also presented in different segments throughout the day.


  • KGOAt 810 kHz AM frequency, KGO is another popular all-news channel broadcast in San Francisco. The radio station came into being as early as 1924, and it initially broadcasted performances by the local artists. However, with time, the channel evolved from a talk show format into a news and information channel. KGO used to be on the top slot as far as the ratings are concerned, but all that changed with the format change. There are certain talk shows on weekdays, but today, KGO is mostly about news, weather, and other updates.
  • KNEWOwned by iHeartMedia Inc., this station broadcasts at 960 AM AND 103.7 FM, and is branded as a business talk show channel. The channel has seen many transformations from KABL to KQKE to KNEW. It has seen programing change from music based shows, to progressive discussions, to an environmentally friendly show, before evolving into the business talk show format that it currently has. The programming is primarily provided by Bloomberg Radio, based out of New York. The programs discuss the updates from the business world, speakers, and other related news.
  • KBAYThe station runs the Adult Contemporary music format and is broadcast on 94.5 FM. The channel has enjoyed a large number of audience since the seventies. The station has also had some popular voices over the years hosting its various programs including Bob Kohtz, Sam Van Zandt, and others.
  • KSFHThere is also a major presence of independent radio stations that broadcast in the San Francisco Bay area. Owned by the Saint Francis High School, KSFH is transmitted at 87.9 FM and plays a wide variety of music. The channel is exclusively run by the students of the school. The station also plays baseball, basketball, and other home games.
  • KESTThis channel plays programs in the English language only during the morning hours from 6 to 8. Other than that, it is all about Asian languages from India, China, and so on. The station is owned by Multicultural Broadcasting, which has different stations across the United States. The station has changed hands and with it, there have been a lot of changes in the format as well. Today, KEST is broadcast at the frequency of 1450 AM and hosts discussions, talk shows, and so on, in different Asian languages.


10. KSQQ

It is another of the radio stations in the San Francisco Bay area that follows the World Ethnic format. This station also runs programs in a variety of languages, including Portuguese,

Vietnamese and Chinese. The station, which is owned by Coyote Communications Inc., is available at a frequency of 96.1 FM.

11. KFAX

It follows a religion-based talk show format in the Bay area and is owned by Salem Communications, who has similar stations across the country. In 1959, the channel changed its format to become the first news radio station in the country. However, it did not prove to be a good business decision and it reverted to its Christian talk show format. The station is broadcast at 1100 AM and runs popular programs like Life! Line hosted by Craig Roberts, prime time programs by Jay Sekulow, and so on.

12. KOSF

Owned by iHeartMedia Inc., the station is popular for playing classic hit songs in the San Francisco region. Branded as Big 103.7, and broadcast at the same frequency, the station came into being in 1947. The channel has always been dedicated to music, but the format has changed and it adopted the current arrangement in 2011.

13. KDFC

This station focusses on the classical music format and is a non-commercial entity, owned by the University of South California. The station runs classical music throughout the day with programs like The Big One, Classical Giant, Island of Sanity, and so on. The radio station is also credited for being the pioneer in HD Radio in the country.

14. KDOW

Owned by Salem Communications, this radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 1220 kHz, and is basically a financial news cum talk show channel. With shows like Market Wrap with Moe Ansari, Invest More, and Real Estate 360, among others, the channel is packed with a lot of tips, tricks and news for those who are interested. On May 2015, the station bought the rights for radio broadcast for San Jose SaberCats, a first of its kind for KDOW.